Saturday, January 29, 2011

A new song by Ashley K.
dedicated to free thinking newbies everywhere! Vivi livi O Muertes! (Live free or die!)


Gone Nuts Planet
is outta sorts
every thirteen years,
the sun says

Unreadable tattoo,
from the men made
of bamboo

Railroads are nice
But I can't pay the price
Is it too late to lie
or become a ballerina?

Networked society
is seasoning anxiety
and for all of our
dispassioned new
sobriety, we missed
the point, entirely

~ Douglas McDaniel
Mythville, America
U.S. Tear Gas Canisters Reveal Double-Edged Sword, Sad Face of Capitalist Democratic Societies ...

ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE! - Curfew's been ignored - Ruling party's HQ in Cairo is ON FIRE - Mubarek STILL hasn't said shit - the movement has no leaders just small coalitions - rioters are SECULAR YOUTH, NOT FUNDAMENTALISTS - Protests are now breaking out in Turkey & Albania - It's like when Berlin Wall was toppled & NO lamestream media saw it coming - AlJazeera's kicking ass @
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    • Stunning Steve Jiu Protest like an Egyption!
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    • Mad Love Rock like an Egyptian.
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    • Mad Love ‎^ LOOK AT HAMISH'S LINK ! LOL !
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    • Mad Love sphinx flu's catching. we might see you back in the land of trees sooner than later! im looking forward to meeting mrs. Hamish
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    • Smart Kandy
      Wow u deleted my comment? Says so much .. Thanks for the CENSORSHIP madlove ..WoW !
      Note vancouver will only riot over failed canucks games never over anything that Matters cuz no one cares whats really happening.. As madlove just prov...ed so nicely ;(((( im disappointed See More
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    • Mad Love
      we're doing news here. not ur ufo nwo conspiracy shit.

      i found this on the GLOBAL STRIKE 2011 fb group's page
      it's for you...

      ...Babbling in my ear some crazy shit,
      While for real, people suffer
      Smart people who sell their soul
      Using information as a buffer
      Wingnut is easy, revolutionary is much tougher
      No one group has control
      Dangling us like fuckin' puppets
      You Zieted your Geist wrong
      You got the melody right
      But, not the lyrics of the song
      David Icke, Alex Jones and Peter Joseph
      Slippery slope, confusion is the worst dope an..
      Powerlessness, seems to be the theme jawn
      Learn to breathe, instead of choking
      Find optimism instead of hoping
      If you don't water the seeds
      Your garden is broken
      Freedom is is a road seldom traveled
      Jailbreak, since the cage is rattled
      False consciousness is betokened
      Break the glass pipes we've been smokin'

      Fuck these conspiracies
      Chasing shadows, while we fight to be free
      Our enemies are real, not imaginary

      Mis-gather the facts, so at your core your mental,
      You twist it so we're doomed and can't rebel
      The trilateral commission ain't making the world's decisions
      Makers of technologies
      Are at odds with the religious leaders
      Who hate the national bourgeoisie,
      And then you got the militaries
      Oversimplify something complicated,
      Is like believing in leprechauns and fairies
      Your a leper-con-ning people
      With tale tales and scaries
      The world is really heavy
      If you've never before carried
      Be wary while you toil and you tarry
      Lost in a desert filled with oasis
      Watch the body, nary the faces

      Fuck these conspiracies
      Chasing shadows, while we fight to be free
      Our enemies are real, not imaginary

      And the oil barons, drug lords, and telecom giants,
      The rich are not compliant, you fools
      They don't listen to each other,
      And follow a set of secret super-villain rules
      Currency speculators, and corrupt politicians,
      Fight for our surplus, like vultures
      Livin' in a fuckover culture,
      We don't need shadow figures,
      Is it the people or the structure?
      That rule our existence,
      It's the system that's our grave digger,
      And the people who pull the triggers
      The faces change often
      On purpose, to soften, our attitudes
      Fuck these pious platitudes
      Making us sick to our stomach
      They are so fucking ignorant
      They don't even hear us coming..

      Fuck these conspiracies
      Chasing shadows, while we fight to be free
      Our enemies are real, not imaginary

      Overseer of labor
      Collector of surplus
      Puppet master of war
      Stop your conspiracies
      Its not complicated see
      It's Mr Bourgeoisie
      And Western hegemony
      That oppress us with desire
      Whether we sick or we tired
      Greed is the fire, fueling the vampires
      Unquenchable, insatiable thirst
      Our blood is time and work
      Sucked from us and Earth
      From death and before birth
      By the state and the church
      Blinded by family and savior
      Bad drugs, changing our behavior
      Shock treatment reborn as tasers
      Balanced on the edge of the coke razor
      While we choke on chemical faux flavors

      Fuck these conspiracies
      Chasing shadows, while we fight to be free
      Our enemies are real, not imaginary
      See More
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    • Hamish Mcarthur The LSE closed down, the NYSE is down on the day as well. The ESX (Egypt Stock Exchange) and ISE (Istanbul Stock Exchange) are both down significantly - closing 24% down.
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    • Smart Kandy Wow ur totally wrong lol te shit i repory about has already happened ! Monsanto anyone??
      Another cup of flouride for u mike? Wow ignorance is bliss is supposr till its too late
      Good luck in the pole shift!!
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    • Mad Love LOL! pole shift! you shoulda stayed on one - politics aint ur forte, blondy
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    • Hamish Mcarthur I am out - going home for the night. Stay tuned kids this history.
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    • Hamish Mcarthur Oil is up by $3.00 per barrel / $89.00 March delivery. Exciting stuff! watch the connections kids - this is so interesting. I am going to be all night.
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    • George Young I love watching an American propped regime torn apart by bloody bare hands.
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    • Mad Love ‎"The scenes from Cairo must be terrifying to those who rule in Damascus, Riyadh, Amman, Algiers and Tripoli." -Globe and Mail's Mark Mackinnon
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    • Vinny Vanchesco LOL loooove the Madness! Viva La Revolution!!! Viva La Mad Love!!!
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    • Lindsay Forde Anon's planning document. Provides fax #s, dial up access #'s & links to Wikileak cables re. Egypt.
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    • Jonas Stoces wonder where that switch is located that shuts down a whole counties internet? i wish it was at my place!
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    • Vinny Vanchesco Its called the OMG The Peasants Are Revolting Switch!!! Apparently, though, it just made everyone go completely BAT SHIT, which is generally good. lol
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    • Vinny Vanchesco Its so easy when everyone grows some balls at once, apparently.
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    • Jonas Stoces lessons learn t
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    • Penny Lalo Singh dude!
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    • Guy Fawkes It's beautiful!!!! I'd like to see this happen here. I LOVE Al Jazeera
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    • Vinny Vanchesco I didn't mean the peasants are 'revolting', like smelly or wild eyed. I meant 'revolting' like with pitch forks and torches and shit. Just sayin..
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